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Peter Baumgartner
Speaks About 'FOR YOU'

'For You' is my 3rd album. Different than its predecessor, The Zurich Sessions, but loyal to my instinctive songwriting nature: it all starts with a guitar in my hands and a melody in my mind.

This album is meant to entertain. It is not meant to teach or pretend – but hopefully to create interest with the audience that allows for reflection and inspiration. And it takes you to different places both in style and moods. Just when you think you classed it, it may hold a little surprise for you.

I’m incredibly fortunate yet again, to be surrounded by such an accomplished group of musicians who helped bring my ideas to musical life. A huge thank you goes to Jeff Thall for pulling us all together tightly through his production and mixing talents while Tom Durack, once more, added his final mastering touches.

Making music is a form of reflection and expression for me. I hope it will bring you moments of joy like it brought me making it ‘For You’.

The Inspiration Behind The Album’s Cover Artwork -
“12-String Harmony”

“12-String Harmony”
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
100cm x 80cm

Martin Lever

Every artist knows that the creative process is one of contrasting states of emotion. A back and forth dance of anticipation and inspiration… of quiet reflection and intense energy… preparation and performance… agony and ecstasy.

You only achieve the perfect musical expression when you get the balance of these contrasting forces right.

This was the inspiration behind “12-String Harmony”, a painting specially crafted for musician Peter Baumgartner.

The painting was created to symbolise the artistic journey in search of perfect balance. It does this by combining two of Peter’s favourite guitars in a composition that subtly evokes the shape of Yin Yang, the ancient Chinese symbol for harmony.

Martin Lever
Hong Kong, November 2019

NeW singles

Call My Name

Out now

‘Call My Name’, originally from my new album’s predecessor, ‘The Zurich Sessions’, has been a favorite with my audience ever since its first release. I was tempted into giving this upbeat track a slightly new spin that fits the more pop-music feel of the new album. Transitioning this confident song into a new era, I hope the track continues to spread positive vibes and plenty of fun as the sing-along track it has always been.

Peter Baumgartner, September 2020

Be Ready

Out now

‘Be Ready’ is a song that I’ve loved for many years. The song was originally written and recorded by Robby Ballhause back in 1996, an artist whose songwriting and performing has always left a strong impression on me. I’ve been interested in somehow collaborating with Robby for some time now, and my new album seemed to be an ideal opportunity to do so. It’s never easy covering an accomplished artist’s original work. While the goal is to give it your own touch and spin, it has to offer a new perspective that remains respectful to the original. I love the result and believe it blends beautifully with the overall tenor and tone of my new album.

Peter Baumgartner, June 2020


Out now

‘For You’ is the album’s title track. My very personal ambition to write something beautiful and sincere with an authentic feel to the words and music. A song that avoids any of the common clichés of popular music’s love songs – both musically and lyrically. A song that is meant to be a personal gift to someone very special.

This one is For You, Sue!

Peter Baumgartner, January 2020


Out now

The title of my first ever studio recording was 'Signs Of Hope', back in 1995. That’s not the only reason why the self-titled opening track carried a special meaning for me ever since. It’s an expression of longing and the willpower to face life’s challenges head-on. I’ve now had the privilege to revisit this song with some incredible musicians all these years later, giving me the opportunity to polish the lyrics in keeping with the very essence of their meaning while ensuring they resonate in the present time, both on a personal level as much as in the context of these crucial times we as global citizens witness today.

Peter Baumgartner, September 2019


Out now

This song really is a family affair. A celebration of what has changed my life forever – a manifestation from a father to his son. This song is as cosmopolitan, energetic and cheerful as my little boy’s very nature, and as upbeat as the fun and joy he brought to our lives. A world-music influenced track that stands out musically and lyrically from the rest of the album. For all the right reasons.

Peter Baumgartner, September 2019

The Band

Peter Baumgartner

Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Programming


The highly acclaimed 'The Zurich Sessions' album, released by Bulldogfish Productions in July 2014, marked Peter Baumgartner’s return to the music scene as a recording artist. The Swiss national, living in the United Arab Emirates, used his cosmopolitan background to unite musicians from four continents for session recordings at the 571 Recording Studios in Zurich, Switzerland. The musical talent gathered under one roof was remarkable, including world-music icons Tony Cedras and Vincent Nguini from Paul Simon’s recording and touring band dating back to his multi-Platinum selling album Graceland. 'The Zurich Sessions' recordings produced an EP album and three single releases, incl. the standout track 'Call My Name'. Working over four years on its making, 'For You' is Peter’s highly anticipated follow-up album that stays true to his instinctive songwriting style: “It all starts with a guitar in my hands and the beauty of a melody in my mind”.

Jeff Thall

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synths, Programming


Producer, Mixer and Composer based in New York City. With guitar as his primary instrument, Jeff has circled the globe touring and recording extensively with world-class artists such as Bryan Ferry, John Cale, Nils Lofgren, Ultravox, Leona Naess, Mina Caputo, Lamya, Swimmer, Kirk Ross, and Civilized Tears to name a few. From his studio in New York City, Jeff records, programs, produces and mixes for a variety of bands and solo artists, including guitarist Vincent Nguini of Paul Simon fame, Mike love (Beach Boys), Peter Baumgartner’s 'Zurich Sessions' remixes, Danny Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants, Torture Sermon, Civilized Tears, Brushy One String and many others.

Jimmy 'Riot' Elliott



Born in NYC, Jimmy graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy. He played bass in the U-Pitt Jazz Ensemble and went to Manhattan School of Music, studying under the legendary Anthony Jackson. Jimmy has toured and recorded with artists such as Leona Naess, Alexa Ray Joel, Patti Rothberg, Swimmer, Craig Wedren (Shutter To Think) Nathan Larson, James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins, Omar Hakim, Jonathan Mover, and of coarse his own pet project Torture Sermon of which he was also the lead vocalist.

Marc Slutsky

Drums, Percussion


Marc Slutsky is an in demand session and touring drummer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked with a wide variety of bands, artist and producers across the spectrum of contemporary music. Some of the artists Marc has recorded and/or performed with are: Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, Kylie Minogue, Todd Rundgren, Mickey Thomas, Lou Gramm among others. Marc continues to record and perform around the world.


Peter Baumgartner – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Programming

Jeff Thall – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synths, Programming

James Elliott – Bass

Marc Slutsky – Drums, Percussion

Jaxon Baumgartner – Vocal contribution on 'Jax'

Sue Baumgartner – Vocal contribution on 'Jax'

Words & Music by Peter Baumgartner

Produced & Arranged by Jeff Thall


Recorded at Hana Road Studios, Montreux, Switzerland and the band’s studios in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Los Angeles and New York City, USA


Engineered by Jeff Thall and Artemy Shulgin (Hana Road Studios)

Mixed by Jeff Thall, New York City, USA

Mastered by Tom Durack, New York City, USA


Artist Management by Stefan Keller, Bulldogfish Productions, Zurich, Switzerland

℗ & © 2020 Peter Baumgartner & Bulldogfish Productions

All rights reserved.